The Zeta125 Series provides an outstanding grade range: from -10% to 40%. Thanks to the unique vertical alignment, which can be easily performed with the remote control and a laser receiver, there is no need to climb down into the trench. The Zeta125G, with the green laser, provides four times higher visibility, superior leveling accuracy and allows greater working distances. These features help achieve maximum efficiency and the best visibility in nearly any working condition at a distance up to 650 feet (200 m).

With its compact form, it fits in tight bends and narrow manholes. Due to its slim housing, it is suitable for pipes with 125 mm (5”) diameter. With their light weight and rubber feet, Zeta lasers will remain stable on any pipe material.

  Zeta125 Zeta125G
Laser beam Red Green
Laser class 2 2M
Cross axis level Manual Manual
Vertical level x x
Autotarget x x
Self-leveling range -15% to +45% -15% to +45%
Grade range -10% to +40% -10% to +40%
Power supply Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack


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