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25X Laser Plummet (Range 120m - 250m)

This laser plummet is a high precision instrument with both up and down beams. It's easy to locate points vertically above and directly below a given reference point. The laser is widely used in the construction industry. From mining applications, elevator shaft alignment to tower observation and monitoring


  • Sturdy and durable housing
  • IP54 water resistant
  • Fits for flat and dome head tripod
  • With its unique design, the laser beam can be adjusted to a sharp and clear dot in any situation


Standard Deviation of the One Measurement and Drooping Quasi Measurement

  • 1/45000

Long Leveling Angle Value 

  • 20 "/2mm


  • Effective aperture: 30mm
  • Magnification: 25X
  • Field angle: 1° 30"
  • Minimum Sight Distance: 1m
  • Image: Positive Image

Laser Pair Point Device

  • Wavelength: 650nm
  • Optical Power: 1mW
  • Point accuracy: 1mm
  • Spot diameter: 2mm

Vertical Laser

  • Wavelength: 635mm
  • Laser Grade: 2

Power Supply

  • 3V 
  • 2 AA batteries

Vertical Quasi Laser Effective Range

  • Day: >120m
  • Night: >250m
    Vertical Quasi Laser Spot Size
    • Spot Diameter at 40m point: <2mm
    • Spot Diameter at 100m point: <5mm
      View Axis and Vertical Axis Coaxial Error
      • Less than 5 "

      Coaxial Error of Laser Axis and Quasi Axis

      • Less than 5 "

      Laser Axis Cofocal with Quasi Axis

      • Less than 1 diopter

      Degree Disc

      • Full circle 360 degree, minimum reading 1 degree

      Instrument Working Temperature Range 

      • -20 C ~ +50 C

      Size and weight

      • Size: 130 x 140 x 250 mm
      • Weight: 2.9kg

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