Surveying Compass DQL-8CC


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The Surveying Compass DQL-8CC features a composite material body. This makes it lighter and more affordable. It also offers an NdFeN rear earth magnet and sapphire jewel bearing. This makes it more reliable, and gives it a smooth needle movement.



• Composite material body to be light and affordable

• NdFeN magnet resists demagnetization for increased reliability

• Induction damped needle for quick and accurate readings

• Sapphire jewel bearing for a smooth needle movement

• Precision aligned mirror with convenient “see through” sighting capability

• O-rings make it waterproof and increases reliability

• Diameter of the Dial Plate: 65mm

• Error Reading: ≤0.5°

• Dial Scale: 1°

• Size: 82 x 70 x 35mm

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