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Dual / Double Road Prism, Heavy Duty All Metal Cast Aluminum Road Monitoring Prism for Robotic Total Station (AMTS)

This dual sided all metal road monitoring prism features a housing that is manufactured from an aluminum cast which offers superior strength and longevity, that provides substantial cost savings. This road prism contains two 17.8 mm high accuracy optical coated prisms that are located on opposite sides for more efficient data collection. The low-profile design allows the road prism to be nearly undetected by a motorist. It is extremely durable and designed to withstand day to day highway traffic when adhered to roadway using any approved AASHTO rated adhesive.

The 10° road prisms are used with AMTS which are secured on tripods. 20° prisms are used with AMTS mounted on buildings 3 to 7 stories high, and 40° prisms are used with AMTS mounted on buildings 8+ stories high.

Road prisms are recommended with an automated total station (AMTS) to monitor settlement and deformation of roads, buildings, pavement, and other surfaces.


  • Prism Diameter: 17.8mm
  • Prism Height: 13.5mm
  • Measuring Distance: 1000M
  • Constant: 0
  • Accuracy: 5 arc sec
  • Available with Copper-Coating & Silver-Coating

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